Superior Hardwood Floors Services

Wood Floor Installation and Repairs

Sanded on Site and Factory Finished Flooring Flooring Installation

Glitsa Wood Floor Cleaner for Purchase

Glitsa Clean Wood Floor Cleaner Quarts and Gallons Concentrate
Safeglides® Felt Floor Protectors 7/8", 1", 1 1/2"
Sh-Mop™ Wood Floor Mop
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Wood Floor Refinishing (Sanding)

Engineered Flooring Installation

Stair Case Wood

Installation of Hardwood Flooring
Sand, Stain, and Finish
Refinish existing flooring
Specializing in Glitsa Swedish Floor finish for Sustainability
Offering Waterbase Environmental friendly finish when requested
Providing all species, styles and sizes of wood flooring
Custom stain colors selected at your project site
Install any brand of factory finished product
Preperation of jobsite, to include tearout of existing flooring
Services are provided to:

Homeowners, Land-Lords, Designers, Builders, Decorators, Realtors,
Restoration Companies, Remodeling Contractors, Moving Companies and many others.

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